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Mass every second and fourth Sunday of the month.
Presbytery (Barcelonnette) 0492281041
Ask for the keys at the town hall of Saint Paul sur Ubaye
Christian "relay": (Serenne) 0492843126


Our church, dedicated to the saints Peter and Paul, of romano-lombard style, is amazing because of its dimensions, the quality of the materials used, all from local origin, the strength and the simplicity of its architectural language. It's an historic monument. The oldest parts date back to the XIIth century and to the chalaisian monks of Boscodon. Restored and extended by the House of Savoy in the Quattrocento; hurt by the Protestants of Lesdiguières, by the national guards of Barcelonnette, by the seism of 1958 and rebuild thanks to the generosity of a family emigrated in Mexico; it has conserved the spirit that prevailed at its origins. At the centre of the city, at the centre of the cemetery of which all burial places face the altar of the sacrifice, it proclaims Jesus Christ dead and first resurrected among the dead people, exalting that way the man of which he's the archetype. It sings the glory of God. "Pray and Work" it says with its first builders.
In accordance with the image system of the roman art, our church in its parish enclosure is a man, Jesus. It reaffirms that each of us is unique because doted of a soul created that set him up in the eyes of God as a person, that at the end of the story of the Covenant that fallen person by Adam's default is, if she would, restored in the divine filiation by Jesus Christ's grace. The image of the human soul is the spire of our bell tower, road open towards the Kingdom of Heavens.
In the parish enclosure too he chapel of the penitents, a few times rebuilt through the ages, it recalls what was the Christianity lived on a day-to-day basis in this parish. Above the door a carved stone with three Fleur de Lys, hammered by the revolutionaries, evoked the visit of Louis XII during the Italian wars.

From the days when the town of Saint Paul, stop on the ways across the mounts, saw the artists of the Renaissance and the Baroque passing, the church preserves some fresco, altarpieces and an interesting collection of paintings, all recently restored by the municipality.

At the North side of the church, the war memorial.
Most of the time the war memorial is with no apparent link with the parish. It's on the village square where it glorifies the victory, -the heroes, the braves, the strengths… Here, the war monument, striking, sculpted at the request of the President Paul Reynaud, son of Saint Paul, by his friend Landowski, author of the Christ of Rio de Janeiro, is a tracing of the fresco of the church tympanum. It expresses the sacrifice of the son of the town watched in dignity by his mother and his battle companions.
A mourning, it's true, that’s the villages like ours can't get over.