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Listed as "heritage of the twentieth century," the Blue villa dramatically concludes 50 years of resort architecture in Barcelonnette (1880-1930). Built for Camille Jean, founder of the store La Francia Maritima in Mexico City, the Blue villa brings together architects and designers distinguished in the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris: architects Joseph Hiriart, George Tribout, Georges Beau, master glassmaker Jacques Gruber, blacksmith Schwartz, potter Edward Cazeau.

The grand polychrome building organized around a central square hall and covered by a pavilion roof built in colored roof tiles, displays the contemporary modernist language while maintaining a certain formal picturesque.

In a striking foreshortening, the impressive stained glass in the center of the north elevation, celebrates the trading and textiles successes of the sponsor. This industrial landscape in Art Deco style is the work of artist Jacques Gruber from Nancy(1871-1936) who also participates in the works in Mexico in the department stores design.

In 1907, the allée de la Galopine becomes Porfirio Diaz Avenue (1830-1915), named after the Mexican president who greatly contributed to the success of the Barcelonnettes colony settled in Mexico since the 1820


Architectural exterior / settings / details: photo campaign of the General Inventory regional department © Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Marc Heller and Gerard Roucaute.
Archives: La Francia Maritima store in Mexico City© Photo Library Vallée Museum.