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Built between 1903 and 1913 for Louis Fourtoul (founder of the store Las Fábricas de Francia in Guadalajara, Mexico) by the Italian Swiss architect Ramelli, Castle of the Magnans, erected on the outskirts of the tourist route towards the Restefond pass (2692 m), strongly marks the Jausiers landscape.

Built on a strong rusticated foundation, the impressive white silhouette, reminiscent of the Palace of Monaco or the residences of Ludwig II of Baviera, concentrates all the elements of a Gothic fantasy architecture on the southern elevation: the square tower topped by a belvedere, the open gallery on mock battlements, a turret, a pinnacle, the trefoil windows, twinned (or tripled) placed under molded relieving arches.

Inside, a monumental neo-Gothic style glass window, lights up the stairwell. It is the work of glass artist Louis Balmet from Grenoble, and fits perfectly into the archaeological pastiche of the architectural design.
Castle of the Magnans is a registered Historical Monument since 1987.


Architectural exterior / settings / details: photo campaign of the General Inventory regional department © Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Marc Heller and Gerard Roucaute.
Elements of interior design: the neo-Gothic stained glass / Clodion sculptures / onyx fireplaces / door frames in crafted walnut / Archives: portrait of Louis Fourtoul / Las Fábricas de Francia store in Guadalajara© Photo Library Vallée Museum.