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Located high up above the hamlet, Jausiere's graveyard enjoys a unique view immersed in and overlooking the Alpine landscape. The scenic route is by far the preferred access to the graveyard, - the Way of the Cross with fourteen chapels (the fourteen stations of the Passion of Christ). The monumental graves sit on the top part of the graveyard (west), while the lower part (east) is for more modest buildings. One can find works by the great Italian masons and sculptors Rossetto-Rinaldi (Barges, Cuneo province), authors of great eclectic chapels and pavilions, and by tailor and sculptor Antoine Armieux.

The Carrara marble Audiffred Brothers' monumental pillar, which bears the signature of architect Francis Girard, hosts a bas-relief depicting an angel praying. Above it, the Ferdinand Fourtoul column canopy features a stunning funeral drape covering the cenotaph placed on four zoomorphic supports (lion paws).

As in all graveyards of the Valley, the uniqueness of this funerary heritage still lies in the variety of the materials: Queyras' black limestones, the marble stones of the High Ubaye (Serennes), not to mention the precious Italian white marble imported from Carrara.



The monumental graves / architecture / settings/ details photo campaign of the General Inventory regional department / © Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Frédéric Pauvarel 2009.