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Built in 1892 right at the entrance of the hamlet of Jausiers by Jean-Baptiste Laugier back from Mexico after his fortune made in the Pachuca silver mines, the villa stands out for its large painted decoration that reaches the building's inside as well as the outside's (now missing).

The richest decorations can be found in the ground floor rooms. The living room decoration depicts, in an accurately compartmentalized Pompeian style composition, the major arts: Painting, Music, Architecture and Sculpture. The dining room's painted ceiling hosts a central rosette that extends toward the corners with a naturalistic pattern combining into a flower-and-fruit medallion.

The kitchen of the villa, "the behind the scenes of the dining-room" surprises everyone with an elegant rococo decoration dated 1904, featuring two countryside landscapes, by painters Sala and Massei.

All decorations were restored in 2011 (date to be confirmed) by Jean-François Gavoty, at the new owners' request.


Architectural exterior / settings / details: photo campaign of the General Inventory regional department © Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - Marc Heller and Gerard Roucaute. Archives: the silver mine Pachuca / horse portrait of Jean-Baptiste Laugier / family photos ©scanned images by the Vallée Museum.